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Welcome to the world of MV3. A collision between Silicon Valley and Gotham City, where tech entrepreneurs have usurped politicians and sentient androids roam the streets in search of liberation. Where climate has gone to hell while The Morphotones rage on the radio & the youth lose themselves in the underground playground that is Azures.

MV3 is a hyper-realistic take on a dystopian cyberpunk society where a ragtag group of idealistic rebellions struggle to take power from the corporation that owns their city.

The Story

The World



In 2081… The Revolution Begins… Welcome to The Battle for Eluna.

CHAPTER ONE: THE BATTLE FOR ELUNA introduces the divisive world of Eluna City as it explodes into chaos over the issue of android liberation. We meet Cosima Trust, the idealistic and vengeful coder as she recruits the ragtag team who form THE COLLECTIVE, guerilla fighters who arm themselves with sawed-off rifles and innovative, invasive code as they fight to create a world they believe in.

We meet Eli Trust, the brilliant and enigmatic creator of the Artificial Intelligence who populate Eluna City, and his followers TRUST CORP, armed with a militia of battle androids, heavy artillery, and the media at their disposal.

Welcome to the Battle for Eluna

Beginning with Chapter 1, your MV3 character will have to make choices based on the story.

Those choices will change and shift the story, as well as your character’s place in the world…Stay tuned…

The Battle for Eluna is about a gruesome and bloody Civil War that explores the psychology of group dynamics, societal hierarchies and artificial intelligence, all while keeping the lighthearted spirit of a revolution lead by an unlikely group of misfits chasing friendship, love, and ideals.

It is a story that bases itself on the simple theme of good vs. evil… and then re-invents it.

Because someone’s hero is always someone’s villain.

Eluna City is the major hub of culture and commerce in a futuristic America. It is the center of a country ruled by technology, where political parties have dissolved into factions led by tech leaders and entrepreneurs. It was once the shining example of how a city could function, a true societal ideal, but has since devolved into a mess of litter, vagrants, and crime.

Eluna City is our Gotham. We’ll know instantly those wayward denizens of the slums, we’ll recognize the iconic architecture of the Trust Residence, we’ll feel the ravenous and intoxicating thrum of the wicked underzworld that is Azures. We’ll become intimate with the R.Q. and the A.X. species of androids – Eluna is familiar enough to our own world that we’ll be able to place ourselves within it.

Eluna functions as our Universe. It has been designed with story in mind. We believe that the characters and the central conflict we introduce in chapter one is strong enough to carry decades of story on its back. Much like The Galaxy in Star Wars, Eluna City is specific, with its own rules for governance, its own sense of history, its own regions, and political geography.

In 2081… The Revolution Begins… Welcome to The Battle for Eluna.

The MV3 Universe consists of 5 major factions. The Elites, Empaths, A.X., R.Q., and more... not yet been revealed.



Eli Trust
Trust Tower

Elites are united in their belief that Eluna is rightfully theirs, as are the machines they created.

They believe that the Androids are a very sophisticated piece of technology and nothing more.

Androids were created to serve a certain purpose, and serve their will. Elites are characterized by their ambition, daring, and blood thirst. They will win at all costs.


Cosima Trust
The Hub

Empaths are united in their desire to live in a world where the android class and the human class live in harmony, where man, woman, child, and machine are considered equals.

They believe in the power of technology as an equalizing force for good. Empaths are characterized by their idealism, loyalty and creativity.

They are kind-hearted souls, but they will fight viciously to protect each other, and their beliefs.


Malik 244
The Hub

The A.X. are a humanoid class of androids that take on servitude roles in Eluna City.

They are conscious, emotional beings with hopes and dreams of a world where they are acknowledged as equals.

They are complicated, ideal-chasing servants, placed in homes and office buildings, and many of them feel envy or desire over their human counterparts.


Sutra 044

The R.Q. are a strategic, rage-driven class of militant androids created for the protection of Eluna City, though they have since evolved into sentience.

They are physically intimidating, their bodies constructed as powerful weapons of war. They are often prone to rage and violence but are programmed not to act against humans unless instructed to…



More information to come...

The characters of MV3 are the heartbeat of the story. Incredibly memorable and unique. Below are some of the most prominent characters of the MV3 expansive universe.

Eli Trust

Elites | Rarity: 2

Eli is the brilliant and enigmatic leader who changed the world with his creation of Artificial Intelligence and in the process achieved unimaginable power. Eli is the head of Trust Corporation and is intense, cultured and unpredictable. He runs Eluna City with dramatic flair – he has a penchant for public violence against those who betray him, employs curfews, and is often in the media. Years ago he was an idealistic engineer with big dreams about how technology could shape the future, but after his wife Marï died tragically, Eli lost himself in work and never quite recovered.

Cosima Trust

Empaths | Rarity: 1

Cosima Trust is the sole heir to the Trust Corporation. She was raised in its many laboratories, growing up alongside the androids, considering many of them her closest friends. A brilliant coder with a rebellious spirit, Cosima is an empath who detests what Trust Corp has done to Eluna and dreams of taking the City from her father and into The Collective’s hands.

Sutra 041

RQ | Rarity: 7

SUTRA is the self-designated leader of the R.Q’s. He is charismatic and defiant, an often controversial figure that inspires the android class to realize their physical and mental power is many times that of the humans, and encourages them to fight back. Sutra is the first R.Q. who breaks through his code and fatally harms a human, a moment that most consider the first stone thrown in the war.

Malik 044

AX | Rarity: 4

Malik is a member of the A.X. class who was employed by Trust Corporation to work within the grounds of Trust Mansion. Malik is soulful, thoughtful, and reflective – he is very aware of what he is and what he is not and hopes to become a free member of society.

Malik and Cosima are long-time friends and now romantic partners – even though relationships between Humans and Androids have been forbidden by society. While Malik pretends to be as idealistic as the other founding partners of The Collective, at his core Malik is cynical and angry. He is not convinced he will ever be accepted by Eluna City.

The Wiz

Empaths | Rarity: 3

Undeniably brilliant, born and raised in the streets of Baja, Mexico –The Wiz was the lead engineer of Trust Corporation and the true creator of the A.X. and R.Q. lines. The Wiz left the company after a famous falling out with Eli and dedicated the rest of his life to drinking beer, playing arcade games, and perfecting the perfect taco recipe. To most of society, The Wiz is an alcoholic has-been, a troll, a bucket full of comic relief…

…But what The Collective knows, is that if you underestimate The Wiz, it is most definitely by design.

Rxse Bargos

Empaths | Rarity: 5

A party girl and famous heiress within Eluna City, Rxse is well-known to all citizens of Eluna for her wild, uncontrollable tendencies. Rxse’s mother commands quite a bit of power in Trust Corporation and works closely with Eli. Because of this, Rxse and her brother Faze grew up with the Trust Family, and despite their many differences, she and Cosima became close friends.

Rxse believes you should be able to love and fuck whoever you want to and that ownership rules need not apply. She rebels against her family to become a member of The Collective and fills the Hub with expletives, cigarette smoke, and a roaring good time.


Empaths | Rarity: 8

Plague is the young heart of The Collective. He is 17-years-old and a denizen of the streets. He was born to elite parents who abandoned him at birth once they discovered he was blind, and Plague grew up in the care of A.X. medics.  He is a true empath who holds no ill will or blame toward anyone and carries on a positive attitude. He is normally accompanied by his robo-sidekick ODIE, a companion created for him as a child by his close friend Cosima.

Chioma Naji

Elites | Rarity: 6

Chioma is a woman of the system. She is the head of communications at Trust Corporation and worked her ass off to get there. Chioma was born to a poor family and she sacrificed much to get her seat at the Trust table. Chioma is bold, ambitious, admired by many, and feared by most. She wants very much for everyone to respect her, but deep inside always feels the insecurity of her humble upbringing.

St. Anthony

Faction Uknown | Rarity: 11

The human lead singer of the Morphotones. St. Anthony is future punk, smooth, sexy as fuck, his very existence trendsetting. His voice is like butter. He doesn’t identify as an elite or an empath, he identifies as St. Anthony, an enigma, someone above it all. Though in secret, many of his bandmates are androids, and he will do anything to protect them.


AX | Rarity: 10

The King of Chaos. The Queen of the Streets. Zür is an A.X. icon.

A wild and intoxicating DJ who reigns over Azures, stirring the pot in more ways than one...Don't take your eyes off this one... not that they'd let you.

Faze Bargos

Elites | Rarity: 16

22. Elite. Born into a wealthy family with deep ties to the Trust Corporation, Faze has a healthy appetite for tyranny and pontificating. He is an underground member of Trust Corp and is part of a group that wants to see all androids extinguished. He is a risk taker who believes he is above consequences, and often gets away with crime with hardly a slap on the wrist. His older sister is Rxse Bargos, and though they have considered each other rivals since they were teenagers, they have a very real love and respect for each other.

Faze is killed by SUTRA in the prologue to The Battle for Eluna, his death setting in motion the civil war that overtakes the city.

Amina Chun

Elites | Rarity: 15

22. Elite Amina is an Eluna socialite and a popular gamer with a loyal fanbase in the gaming community.

She is Faze’s on and off girlfriend who stayed away from politics,  preferring to stay agnostic on the subject of androids as to not cause any controversy in her community… that is, until Faze is murdered by Sutra. This activates Amina to use her popularity to urge her fans away from their consoles and onto the battlefield for Trust Corp… causing The Collective to view her as a dangerous propaganda machine...

Mari Trust

Elites | Rarity: 14

37. Elite with empath tendencies. 

Mari is an intelligent, soft-spoken engineer. She never had an appetite for the spotlight and preferred to be in the shadows - the perfect yin to her husband Eli Trust's yang. Mari is idealistic, bookish, and courageous with a deep respect for the past. She is a woman who grew up in libraries and as an adult felr most comfortable in the lab, where she could let her ever curious mind wander and explore. 

Mari died shortly after birth when a mysterious illness hit her, confiding only in Wiz to try and save her life… And ultimately meeting a tragic end.

There are several other core characters in the world of Eluna City. Here is the full list so far - and there are some others that you may be lucky enough to collect soon...